1 Crucial Tip for Gaining Strength and Muscle

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While there are many ways to gain strength and add pounds of lean
muscle, today I want to cut straight to the chase with one that you can
put to use immediately, keep the number of exercises per training
session to a maximum of 6.


While I could even trim that down to 3-4, I believe in most scenarios, limiting your exercises to 6 is the best solution.

your training program is almost as long as your grocery list you are
WAY overdoing it. If you can’t fit the work needed in within 6 exercises
you are overcomplicating things and must rethink your priorities in
your training. You shouldn’t have 30 minutes of general conditioning and
“metabolic training” within your sessions if your goal is to gain

And since my focus is
on athletic physical preparation, as an athlete, you must always be
cognizant of the fact that your performance come competition time is
your main priority. What good is it to slam yourself into the ground
only in the gym only to lack the energy to practice the technical and
tactical components of your sport.

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Now if you are in a period
where the volume of intensive technical and tactical training is low,
then by all means, performing 1-3 gut busting sessions a month can be
helpful in improving your general fitness levels, and providing a
foundation for the coming intensive work to follow.

However, the
message remains the same, that those sessions must have their
priorities, and keeping exercises to a maximum of 6 would go a long way
in bringing you BIG TIME results.

Your goal while in the gym
should be to do enough to elicit a response and bring adaption. You
would be better served under training than over training.

Here is a
sample training session of mine from a time when I was focusing on
increasing my squat while also improving my general conditioning/fitness
levels and decreasing my resting heart rate.

1a) Squat 2×5
2a) Stiff Legged Deadlift 3×10 working up to an easy 10
2b) Rear Foot Elevate Split Squat 3×8-10
3a) Ab Wheel Rollouts
4a) Prowler Sprints 5×60 yards

That is it. Five exercises, focused on basic movements with squatting, deadlifting, and lunges.
takes me to my final point of adhering to training economy. Pick
exercises which kill 2,3, or even 4 birds with one stone, like the
compound lifts and bodyweight exercises do, and your workouts will be
much more productive and won’t look the length of a guest list at a
Hollywood premier.

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