10 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

White Sugar

Ah, candy. The other pink, red, yellow (the list goes on) meat. One bite of these delectable treats is enough to make you high. Unfortunately, these highly addictive confectionaries contain white sugar in them which is not only harmful for your body, but does a job on your pearly whites too. This refined delicacy is also responsible for raising insulin levels in the blood. This depresses the immune system, making the body vulnerable to germs and diseases. This change can also lead to weight gain as Insulin promotes the storage of fat in the body. Furthermore, white or refined sugar does not contain any vitamins or minerals. This makes it harder to digest as the above mentioned products are essential to boost one’s metabolism.

White Flour

Even though white flour was initially intended to be a basic kind of food, heavy refinement leads to the decrease in its nutritional value. Like sugar, the body treats this fatty product as a carbohydrate and stores it in its entirety. This leads to a rapid rise in one’s blood sugar levels, which then decreases at the same rate. In other words, you start feeling hungry only a little while after you’ve eaten anything which contains this product, which, of course, leads to weight gain. Usually, baked goods contain white flour as their main ingredient like pizza, doughnuts, etc. It’s best to stay as far as possible from such appetite enhancing food if you want to lose that belly fat.

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