10 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Milk and Dairy products

If body fat is more important to you than your calcium intake, then you should probably stay away from dairy products. Most dietitians are of the opinion that fat content in such ‘milky’ products is responsible for weight gain. That’s not completely true. It’s the body’s inability to break down these pasteurized products rather than the fat content which is more worrying. These milk derivatives have also been accused of being the number one allergen today, making their consumption a ‘weighty’ matter indeed.

Fizzy Drinks

Sodas are the worst enemy for those who want to lose weight. Why? It’s because these colorful and bubbly drinks contain a great deal of ’empty calories’, which don’t provide any health benefits, but instead, contain large quantities of refined sugar and artificial additives. The body finds it difficult to store such refined products, leading to the accumulation of fat. Don’t think that switching to the low-fat variety will help you any. Diet soda contains aspartame, an artificial, low-calorie sweetener. It does not add any calories to the body, but it does make the body feel hungrier. It’s best to stick to water if you want to fit into your clothes.

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