10 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Alcohol (Beer)

Usually, sporting a ‘beer gut’ (beer induced pot belly) is a laughing matter for some. The love of beer makes some individuals blind to its harmful effects, and some don’t even care to find out. The main ingredient in beer is Alcohol, which greatly dulls the metabolism, making the digestion of food an ordeal in itself. Not only does it promote weight gain, but the consequent deficiency of vitamins and minerals further adds to the dilemma. This boozy product also enhances the appetite. Reduced blood sugar levels in the body make one feel hungry more frequently, thus promoting the accumulation of fat, and the creation of the ‘beer belly’.

Fried Food

The most common cause for teen obesity is fast food. This usually consists of a meal containing your regular hamburger, fries and a drink and an extra portion for a minimal additional charge. Many of these fast foods are fried so as to speed up service and subsequently, increase customers. This serves to reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals and increases the quantity of sodium and fat which is rife in such greasy fare. Deep fat frying adds unnecessary pounds to food and the low fiber content slows down the digestive system. If belly fat isn’t your idea of chic, then it’s best that you stay away from these greasy concoctions.

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