2 Shocking Healthy Foods That Make You Fat – Avoid Them and See the Difference

Many foods are advertised as healthy foods, and many get caught up in these healthy food lies. A lot of people only shop for and eat foods that are said to be healthy, and yet keep adding weight. The painful thing about it is that these people often blame their weight gain on overeating the healthy food, and then resolve on fad over restrictive diets (Cabbage only diet, Cayenne pepper and water diet, etc), which brings about the “yo-yo” effect, and early aging as the skin goes on a fast repetitive cycle of contraction and stretching.

Without wasting your time, the first so called “healthy” food that makes you fat is FRUIT JUICE, including the ones that are said to be 100% natural or “1 or 2 of your 5 a day”.

Hey, whole fruits are very healthy and should be taken daily, but the human body is not designed to ingest just the sweet liquid. That, will only live you craving for more carbs. The fiber content of fruits is the most beneficial content of any fruit, but fruit juices do way with them. The fiber in fruits regulates the blood sugar response when you are taking natural whole fruits as opposed to fruit juice. We are being told on TV to drink orange juice every morning, and many people do, but how many members of the public are healthy? Eat whole orange fruit instead, and whole other fruits.

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