3 Super Easy Dumbbell Exercises For Women

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Women of today are more competitive in all areas ranging
corporate excellence to community affairs management. Even in the
fitness scene, they are likely bolder and more aggressive in undertaking
workout routines that used to be of male dominance.

Dumbbell Exercises

Women can now
lift heavier barbells. They can also do 200 crunches, and yes, they can
also do serious muscle training using dumbbells. If you are a woman who
doesn’t want to be left behind in terms of strength and resistance
training at the gym or at your own backyard, you can do these 3 super
easy dumbbell exercises for women:

1. Biceps Curl. Before you get
started with this exercise, you have to make sure that the dumbbells you
pick aren’t too heavy as they may strain your muscles. Pick weights
that range from 3 to 6 pounds. If you are a starter, you can have a pair
of 3-pound dumbbells. In this exercise, you can either sit on a bench
or stand up straight with your feet apart and knees bent slightly. Place
your dumbbell-holding arms on the sides and make sure your palms are
off your body.

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Your elbows are supposed to be clipped on the
sides. Curl both your arms up until the shoulder level. Hold for 2
seconds and bring them down. You can do 8 to 12 repetitions before you
take a 1-minute rest and start another set of 8 to 12. Other advancers
who have been working out for quite long can do 3 sets of 16, but if you
are beginner do not attempt so.

2. Upright Row. This time, you
allow your dumbbell-holding arms hang in front of your things. Your
palms must be fronting your thighs. Lift your dumbbells up until the
chin level but ensure that your palms are held steadily close to your
body. Bring up and down for 8 to 12 counts before resting for a minute
and doing the routine all over again. This exercise focuses on your
upper back, neck and shoulder blades.

3. Side Shoulder Raise. This
is another easy dumbbell exercise. Allow your dumbbell-holding arms to
hang right in front of your thighs again. Your elbows should be bent
just a little while your palms are to face one another. Bring your arms
up but they should be fronting outwardly as you lift the dumbbells. Lift
them until the shoulder level with your elbows still bending a little
bit. As you bring the dumbbells back down, it should be done slowly
rather than abruptly. You can do 3 sets of 8 to 12 counts but make sure
again that you take a 30-second to 1-minute rest in between sets.

dumbbells are surely convenient and quick to learn. Once you get used
to them, you are on your way towards developing your muscles
successfully and contouring your body in a matter of time.

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