500 Calories per Day Diets – Why the Crazy 500 Calories Diet Plan Does Not Work – Myth Revealed!

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There are many low calorie diet plans available on the internet.
Most of these are popular because the Hollywood actors have used those.
For instance, a report says Kate Winslet once took the diet of 1 apple
per day! You can see the impact in her slim body but is it worth? This
weight comes back just the day you quit starving your self. It is very
essential to pick out healthy weight loss techniques, not only for your
health but for the glamour quotient as well. A new addition to the low
cal diets is 500 calorie a day diet.

500 Calories Diet

Let us analyze the ill effects of such weight loss diets:

an average the adult body needs 1200 to 1500 calories per day. When you
take up any meal plan what you have to change is the ratio of various
nutrients in your food. Further, even if you have to lessen the calories
in your diet you must go slow & steady. A sudden cut down on the
calorie count can prove hazardous for your health.

Taking 500 calories a day diet is almost like starving yourself. And starvation surely does not help any how.

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The common side effects of 500 calorie a day diets are as follows:

· Headaches
· Lethargy
· Fatigue
· Cramping in the stomach
· Lack of concentration
· Irritability
· Blurring vision

Here are some Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

Acai Berry

is a wonder fruit from the Amazon Basin’s rain forests. It known for
its utmost nutrition and has no side effects. It reduces your appetite,
removes the fecal matter, and maintains the digestion system. It gives
you lot of energy. It is known to strengthen your immune system and make
you resistant to the allergies & infections.

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