6 Worst Eating Habits of Children and Ways to Overcome Them

Here are the six worst food habits our kids have and as a parent, what you can do about them:

1. Skipping Meals Primarily Breakfast

Skipping meals, especially breakfast is one of the most common nutrition mistake committed by children. Breakfast is an important meal for the whole family and more so for a child. The point of breakfast is to feed your child’s body the protein and energy it needs to start the day and to carry him through to lunch. Eating breakfast can also upstart your child’s metabolism, which helps with weight control, mood and school performance. Give your child a strawberry milk shake or a chocolate milk shake if he/she is fussing over drinking plain milk. Fruit juices are rich in potent antioxidants and an ideal breakfast accompaniment. Cheese slices on whole grain bread or whole-wheat khakra serves as a tasty and healthy breakfast food. Green mung sprouts mixed with chopped green salad and dressed with grated cheese and curd, rice kheer/porridge made with milk, almonds, sesame seeds and jaggery, milk and muesli, eggs with roti or wheat breads are a few nutritious options for your child. Choose the options your child is most likely to enjoy, because variety improves everyone’s appetite.

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