6 Worst Eating Habits of Children and Ways to Overcome Them

2. Excessive Snacking

Snacking in children is inevitable and parents need not worry about it or condemn and forbid the children from eating snacks. Snacking in between meals is healthy as long as the snack choice is appropriate and as parents, we should aim at making wise snacking options readily available for our children. The notion that foods at meals should be healthy and snack foods need not be so is wrong. The problem arises when they tend to eat too much high fat and calorie dense snack foods.

The key is encouraging them to consume snacks that are nutrient dense rather than junk foods low in nutrients. Healthy snacks for children would include fruits, nuts (almonds & peanuts) sprouts bhel, vegetable or chicken frankies (made with whole wheat breads), milk products like curd, cottage cheese (paneer), tofu (made from milk), roasted or steamed corn, fruit juices, dosa, idlis, dhoklas, etc.

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