6 Worst Eating Habits of Children and Ways to Overcome Them

3. High indulgence on Junk foods

Junk foods are the processed and refined foods which are nutritionally void, low in fiber and the easiest way to take in unwanted calories. Consuming these foods once in a way is acceptable if the children are otherwise eating a well balanced and healthy diet. But when it becomes an addiction, it may lead to deficiencies, ironically resulting from being overfed. If children continue to neglect eating a balanced diet whilst adhering to fast foods, they risk getting malnourished and weaken their immunity levels. This leads to frequent colds, allergies, asthma, irregular menstrual cycle in girls, low energy levels, and difficulty in concentration, poor performance in school, excessive hunger, constipation, mood swings, depression, irritation and the list is endless.

As parents, you should encourage them to eat properly at meal times so that they don’t feel hungry in between meals and gravitate towards fast foods.

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