6 Worst Eating Habits of Children and Ways to Overcome Them

a. Boiling, blenderizing and adding them to soups, ketchups, pizza and pasta sauces.
b. Juicing vegetables like carrot and beetroot(raw) along with fruits of their choice(orange, sweet lime)
c. Dry the cooked vegetables on a heated pan with little oil and add as a stuffing for your sandwiches, chapattis and paranthas.
d. Preparing paneer/ chicken cutlets with spinach, carrot or peas as add ons.
e. Serving them tomatoes, cucumber, carrot sticks with cream, cheese or curd.

Foremost, remember that your child will model the eating behaviors that they see at home. If you are finicky about the presence of vegetables on your plate, it’s quite evident that your child would do so too. Maintain a healthy and balanced approach to eating and your child is more likely to do the same.

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