7 Worst Foods To Avoid When Dieting

3. Sugar Free Packed Snacks.

These products are claimed to be totally sugar free. They are definitely low in calories. But often, they contain more fatty sugar alternatives. The alternative fake sugar is also processed by our body. This ultimately raises the levels of insulin. So, it’s always better to read the labels first and then consume a so-called sugar free snack.

4. Granola.

It’s good to like the crunchy taste of granola. It is a perfect dressing for your hot cereals, yogurt, or delicious desserts. But it is also packed with lots of calories and fat. Actually, the ingredients of granola include butter and sugar. As such, one bowl of granola contains around 550 calories and 28 grams of fat. So, instead of granola, opt for bran cereal which is high in fiber and has fuller flavor. Alternatively, cut down the amount of granola per serving that you consume.

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