8 Worst Foods for Teeth – And 4 Ways to Help Fight the Damage


Pickled cucumbers- or any pickled foods- are created by soaking the food in acid, usually vinegar-based. Most people don’t eat pickles on a regular basis, though, so having one occasionally is unlikely to affect your dental health overall.


Most people know that sugary sodas are harmful to your teeth, but what you may not realize is that even sugar-free diet sodas still contain large amounts of enamel-eroding citric and phosphorus acid. If you absolutely can’t do without soft drinks, try drinking them at mealtimes instead of throughout the day. Your after-meal brush and/or rinse will help neutralize the acids.

Sports and Energy Drinks

They may seem like a healthier alternative to sodas, but most sports and energy drinks are actually even more acidic than soft drinks, and can be more damaging to teeth when consumed on a regular basis.

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