9 Life Saving Health Benefits of Coconut: The Superfood of Paradise

Are you tired of forcing yourself to drink litres and litres of water a day just to stay hydrated and healthy? Well, what if I tell you that coconut is a natural water filter superfood that is filled with the most electrolytes than any other source found in nature. This means that one young coconut’s water is equal to 250 ml of water and the best hydrator Mother Nature has ever provided. I used to fill up bottles of water every day and if I had a good day, I would’ve finished only one. Then on a vacation in Thailand, I discovered that I felt energised all day while sipping on young coconut water. So I started to research the benefits of young coconut water and how it hydrates you that I made coconut water part of my daily lifestyle! This miracle drink from young coconuts can even cure your hangover! Instead of drinking one glass of water with every glass of wine, you can also drink coconut water. Now you can wake up hangover free and refreshed. But, there’s more!

What if I tell you that coconuts are all you need to survive? Coconuts provide such a high nutritious value of juice, milk, oil and meat that it has fed and nourished thousands of populations around the world. This highly nutritious superfood is until this very moment still the staple food for most people living on islands. Try out my top coconut recipes for you to enjoy every day at any time! They are tasty, healthy and guilt-free. Allow me to take you into a journey of discovery while you benefit of this paradise superfood.

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