A Guide to Lose 10 Pounds Fast – Things You Need to Know

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If your goal is to lose 10 pounds fast, I got news for you, it’s
very achievable and perhaps even easy but your method will make you gain
back those 10 pounds in a matter of weeks or even days. There is no
other way to lose weight fast than to eat less, drink less, and
basically starve yourself. Fast is a relative term and if you can
picture yourself losing 10 pounds in the next 5 weeks rather than say
within a week, than you can benefit from continuing this read.

Lose 10 Pounds

who has tried to lose weight fast will attest to this, the first 5 to
10 pounds are the easiest to lose and it really does happen fast. The
truth is, you can easily lose about 5 pounds just from eating less and
drinking less. If you push it hard, you will lose the next 5 pounds
easily as well, but by then your body would have progress into the
starvation mode and all you would have done is lose precious fluid in
your body. Basically the sudden and dramatic decrease in calorie intake
has triggered your body to go into a calorie saving state.

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you have failed to take into account, is that our body through thousands
of years of evolution, it has learned to keep us alive even in the
harshest of conditions. Rewind just 100 years and food was a scarce
resource and people had to get by eating much less than we do today. Go
back even further and the situation was even worse than 100 years ago.
Having to live through multiple famine and drought in a lifetime, the
human body had to adapt to surviving with the minimal nutrition.

all this means is that if you break off the natural balance of your
body’s mechanism, your body will find a way to compensate. If you don’t
give your body enough nutrients to function normally, then it will find
ways to conserve as much energy as it can and in return it will make it
next to impossible for you to keep losing weight. But more importantly
though, you will find that it is impossible maintain your weight at the
desired level.

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