Aerobic Exercise: The True Fountain of Youth

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The proverbial fountain of youth can’t be found in a fountain.
It’s not hidden in a bottle of expensive face cream or skin serum. It’s
not about going ‘under the knife’ for plastic surgery.

Aerobic Exercise

But it is
out there. It’s in our city parks, on the bicycle paths. It’s in our
neighborhoods, on the sidewalks. It’s in our neighborhood fitness
centers or community pool. It’s in the tennis courts, athletic fields,
and even on our televisions, with the help of DVD players.

importantly, the fountain of youth is within ourselves. All we have to
do is get up off the couch and start moving. Exercise is the fountain
that we can drink from, to keep ourselves young, internally and

Research has shown that exercise is good for our
bodies, in so many ways. It’s just as important for our brains. Our
physical health and mental health are connected and support each other.
What we do to, one affects the other.

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Aerobic, also known as
‘cardio’ exercise is one of the options for enhancing our bodies and our
minds. According to researchers, it’s one of the best exercise choices
we can make for ourselves.

Aerobic Exercise as the Fountain of Youth
factors for cardiovascular disease, which can lead to a shortened life
span, include obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, and
high cholesterol levels and insulin resistance. Research has shown that
aerobic exercise can reduce these risk factors in several ways.

Regular aerobic exercise strengthens our heart and helps it pump blood
more efficiently. Our muscles take more oxygen from the blood, which in
turn, makes the muscles more fit.

• Regular aerobic exercise,
along with eating a healthier diet, helps us lose excess weight. It also
reduces our blood pressure and lowers our resting heart rate. Regular
aerobic exercise can help reduce our total and ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol
levels, and conversely, increase the ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol. It helps
manage those of us with diabetes, by improving glucose levels in the

• Regular aerobic exercise increases our endurance and
makes us feel stronger. By protecting our immune system, it helps us
ward off minor illnesses. It helps control chronic conditions such as
diabetes and high blood pressure.

• Finally, regular aerobic
exercise increases our overall functional fitness, which leads to a
stronger old age. Functional fitness means more mobility, less risk of
falling, and more basic body strength.

It’s not only our body that
benefits from aerobic exercise. Aerobics leads to enhanced brain
function, as well. As our hearts and blood vessels become stronger and
more efficient, so does our brain. More oxygen is pumped to our brain
and increases the release of certain hormones that help grow brain cells
and create more neural connections. Research also shows that aerobic
exercise can increase our hippocampus; the part of our brain that plays a
major role in our memory and learning functions.

Aerobic exercise
also improves our mental health by boosting our mood and lowering
stress levels. It can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. It
creates a confidence in our ability to deal with life stressors as they
appear. All these benefits lead to better brain functioning.

longevity in our lives is not simply about living longer. It’s also
about living better, healthier, and stronger. A regular exercise
program, particularly aerobics, can lead to that fountain of youth by
providing us with a variety of health and wellness benefits for both
body and brain.

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