Belly Bloat – How to Get Rid of Bloating Fast

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There are a variety of reasons for a bloated belly but the most
common reason is due to overeating and poor digestion. Sometimes eating
large meals produces much more gas than usual. Not only that but your
stomach will also become distended after consuming a large meal. As for
myself, I would experience regular belly bloat after eating lunch.

bloated belly

I worked at my previous job, I would eat lunch out almost every day. My
lunch would consist of a sandwich, fries, or pasta. Afterwards I would
get a 16 oz mocha latte. Not healthy at all right? I paid the price when
I sat back down at my desk. Within ten minutes I started to feel
extremely sleepy like I was ready for a long nap right at my desk. Not a
good thing for the boss to walk up to! We commonly referred to this
feeling as a “food coma.”

Besides feeling extremely tired after
lunch, I also felt the bloating that went along with it. Of course I no
longer eat those kinds of lunches. The way I battle a bloated belly now
is by significantly reducing my simple carbohydrate intake. This means I
cut back or avoid the following foods as much as possible:

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  • breads
  • cereals
  • refined sugar
  • baked goods (cake, cookies, etc.)
  • other processed food

Let’s not forget the bloat that comes from drinking as
well. If you are a big soda drinker you may be feeling the bloat. Beer
drinkers are famous for bloated bellies – better known as the beer
belly. People often forget about the beverages they consume. Sugar
filled drinks are nothing but empty calories and one of the easiest ways
to put on extra weight. Over time all of those unhealthy drinks add up
in terms of calories. The sugar that isn’t burned is stored as fat. Be
mindful of those beverages and try to swap more water, black coffee, or
plain tea instead.

It isn’t always easy avoiding these foods but
cutting back on them really does make a difference. I’ve noticed that I
rarely experience the bloated feeling I used to. My stomach feels
flatter and overall I feel better physically. Eating too many of the
simple carbs and processed foods not only cause weight gain but can also
make you feel heavy during the day. Eating heavily before bed can make
you feel that awful bloating as well.

Keep in mind that avoiding
these carbs makes exercise more effective. Any exercise you do will be a
plus. Diet plays a much larger role in determining weight loss than
exercise alone.

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