Body Weight Training – Cheap, Fast and Effective

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Body Weight Training Helps You Look Great!

Weight Training

Body weight
training can be a powerful tool for someone looking to get healthier,
shed that unwanted fat and tone up. Adding something as simple as a
resistance band can increase the effects even more. However, having a
gym membership has many benefits and should not be overlooked. The
opportunity to socialize with other people interested in fitness, to get
tips from professionals, the accountability related to paying for a
membership, and the equipment available make any gym membership worth
its price. With that said, a lot of times, vacations, bad weather, busy
days with kids and family, and many other things can limit our ability
to make it in to the gym. If these days off start to pile up, it doesn’t
take long for your hard work to fizzle away. If you find this happening
to you, body weight training can help to slow down the fizzling, and
keep those unwanted pounds off.

The key to a good body weight
program is utilizing maximum intensity to burn fat, tone your muscles,
and lose unwanted pounds. Something as simple as a push up or body
weight squat can become VERY challenging when done rapidly and with
correct form. There are thousands of different exercises you can do with
nothing working against you but gravity. Body weight training is also a
great way to learn how to utilize your core and stabilize your body.
You’re often forced to use multiple muscle groups and joints at one time
because most body weight exercises aren’t effective when sitting down.
Oftentimes, many body weight exercises like planks and push ups are done
with an arched back or with the butt sticking way up.

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This lack of body
control shows a weakness in the core and an inability to control your
body in unsupported environments. Correcting these flaws are the first
steps towards a more functional, healthy, and good looking body. I’ve
put together a body weight work out called the “Hotel HIIT” It was
originally designed for a client who traveled often for his career, so
many times he would need a great work out with very limited space and
equipment. He was primarily focused on losing fat and toning his body,
so the body weight work out paired nicely with his goals. “Hotel HIIT”
was a great way for him to be able to keep his momentum and gains going
in the right direction even when he had to travel. Instead of coming
back from his work trips 3 steps back from where he left, he was coming
back in BETTER shape than when he left.

In order to get the most
out of your body weight work out, you need to utilize repetitions and
time effectively. There needs to be a proper relationship between
exercise time and rest time. While intensity is important, you must keep
in mind that perfect form is priority number one. I would rather see my
clients do 5 reps with perfect form, then try to stretch out 15 reps
with sloppy form. When you aren’t using correct form, you put your body
in uncomfortable positions where your muscles can’t work at optimum

More importantly, you put your body at an increased risk of
injury. My body weight work outs focus on a full body, fat blasting
formula. With a good body weight work out, you’ll be able to transform
your body from flabby to firm in a short amount of time. The exercises
I’ve put together will teach you to use your entire body as one unit.
This helps you burn maximum calories while also promoting a more stable
body. Stability in the body reduces your risk of injury inside and
outside of the gym, while the intense fat burn will set you on the path
to a more defined body.

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