Discover the Secret to Bodyweight Exercises As Fat Loss Workouts

If you are one of the millions of people that want to start the
new year off right but just don’t have time to go to the gym you don’t
have to worry because there is a solution just right for you. Bodyweight
exercises are one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast. Look
at how the military shapes up their recruits so quickly using bootcamp
exercises for fat loss workouts. This works exceedingly well as I myself
lost 30 pounds in 13 weeks at Marine Corps Boot Camp back 18 years ago.


now teach bodyweight exercises as a great alternative to using weight
equipment. Lifting weights is great for some people but others just
don’t have the money to invest in home equipment or time to set aside to
make it to the gym. You can stay lean and fit with fat loss workouts
from your own home.

Why Bodyweight Exercises are so Effective

is the quick skinny on how bootcamp workouts burn fat fast. When you
put your body into positions forcing it into specific movements without
the stabilization of a machine you force more muscles to work
synergistically which burns more calories. In addition there is a lot of
core work involved that will indirectly work your abdominals. Even when
you are in a push up position your abs are worked in order to stabilize
the body.

By switching to different body weight exercises every
30 seconds to a minute the body has a hard time adapting and getting
really efficient at performing the movement with less energy. In fact
just the switching body positions into another position requires
calories and forces the muscles to work in new planes of motion. When
you do the same exercise like the treadmill for 30 minutes your body
will adapt quickly and get highly efficient at the movement so that it
is able to perform it and burn less calories. The human body was made to
adapt to all stimuli and become more efficient. By using bodyweight
exercises you can throw off the speed that your body adapts and keep the
calorie burning high making them excellent fat loss workouts.

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