Exercises For A Flatter Stomach

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Are there really exercises that can help you get a flatter
stomach? You may think that all common exercises for a flatter stomach
such as crunches and bridges (aka planks) will help flatten your stomach
and strengthen your core. Well, you got one assumption right as they do
strengthen your core. But as far as flattening your stomach; it takes a
lot more than just exercise.

Flatter Stomach

However, here are a few tips and exercises for a flatter stomach that I think would really help you out.

Focus on Lower Abs
lower abs is commonly the hardest part to develop when it comes to
belly fat. If you are doing exercises for your abs everyday then be sure
to do more lower ab exercises than upper ab ones.

Your workouts
should be very intense so that you are actually burning fat and not just
moving around for no reason. Here are some lower ab exercises that will
greatly help you out:

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Bent Knee Abdominal Hip Raises

Decline Abdominal Crunches

Exercise Ball Abdominal Pull-Ins

Hanging Knees to Chin Raises

Abdominal Flutter Kicks

Flat Bench Abdominal Leg Pull-Ins

Flat Bench Abdominal Leg Raises

Try doing these exercises
before you start on other body parts as they will get your blood pumping
and body heated for extra fat burning results. Add in a bit of cardio
or high intensity interval training if you can. These methods have
proven very useful when trying to lose fat.

Why More Than Just Exercise?
fat is a mean son of a gun! You could be exercising your butt off every
single day and still find no changes. The reason for this is because
you may still be taking in more calories than you are losing. The usual
culprit is a person’s food.

This is the reason why many health and fitness experts recommend combining a good diet with exercises for a flatter stomach
for more effective and guaranteed results. There are heaps of awesome
diets you can find online but beware that some are all talk and have no
proven results.

You should be happy and comfortable with a diet
you choose. If you are not enjoying yourself while trying to get a
flatter stomach then you would probably be better off not trying to get
one anyway.

Commitment and consistency play a key role when trying
to achieve your goals for anything in life, especially when it comes to
your health.

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