Extreme Fitness – Quality is Better Than Quantity

Where Extreme Fitness is good for your body, training extremely
hard is not good for the body. One should try to be easy on the training
periodically. Many people try to push themselves for extreme workouts
as they thrive on the motto of “No gain without pain” and are unable to
understand the basic principle that fitness can improved by a lesser
labour also.

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As extreme labour is not healthy for a goal of long
term fitness, those people who regularly perform intense aerobic
exercises at high levels and for a longer duration then they are
actually wasting their effort and time. They really need to alter their
work intensity in a more organized and productive manner rather than
being counterproductive.

The basic need is to alternate workouts
as the aim of ultimate winning for any cost does not work here and
should also not be the main objective of the training. Those who are
beginners of Extreme Fitness routines should always follow the
fundamentals of good quality training where the body is made to adapt to
the intensive routines through a gradual progress in the intensity of
the workouts.

The beginners who push themselves too hard may
experience burnout rather than building muscles. Their body needs to get
accustomed to the new physiological changes like muscle soreness which
will occur due to the intense exercises in a short time. According to
some prestigious trainers the body passes through some predictable
stages in a series after doing Extreme Fitness exercises.

first stage is the stage of shock when the body is introduced to intense
workouts and the extra burden of such heavy exercises makes the body
temporarily weak. Then the second stage of body adaptation occurs when
the body starts adapting to the new schedule of workouts and becomes
accustomed to the training.

The third stage is exhaustion if the
body is trained heavy for a prolonged period then it eventually starts
diminishing in returns and decelerates the progress. If the exhaustion
stage is prolonged then other factors like psychological and
environmental factors also start adding up to the decelerating of
progress and eventually cause the body to be in a state of over

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