Fasten Fitness to Girls

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Multiple studies have been conducted regarding physical fitness
for girls. Results have shown that most teen age girls have turned their
back from sports, and tend to neglect physical fitness.


of such results parents become anxious about their daughters health.
When their little girls step into the period of adolescence, parents
usually start their search on how to keep their daughter’s interest on
maintaining fitness as their son does. The way to solve this problem is
to orient the kids that it is a lifestyle choice to choose fitness.
Likewise, keeping oneself fit is a lifetime endeavour.

Boys don’t
usually find a problem when it comes to the consciousness on their
fitness. They are usually sports oriented. It is really the girls who
remain inactive on their fitness exercise as they step into adolescent.
A consultant on fitness education, Judy Notay, stated that girls, upon
reaching 12 and 13, illustrate a dramatic fall in their enthusiasm
towards sports and fitness. The performance of team sports for girls
frequently plunges.

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To keep motivate these girls in maintaining
their fitness, parents must be aware to choose a school which will be
able to provide them good fitness programs. Not just the common fitness
program, but the one that mirrors the girls’ interests. The logic here
is simple, role modeling.

A Physical Education professor in
University of Victoria, Rick Bell, said that according to his own
perception, the decline of interest of girls in maintaining their
fitness only reflects the occasions in schools.

According to him,
the curriculum of the schools does not suit the interest of these girls,
specifically, the sort of activities being offered. Especially the
nature of competition, which is a normal element of the activities, does
not conform to the perception of most girls when it comes to its

The activities that will catch the attentions of
these girls, according to professor Bell, are basically dancing.
Schools today can offer these kind of activities. Dance programs in its
different classifications. Examples of this are jazz, social dance, and

There are many different activities that will capture the
interests of girls such as aerobics and programs on outdoor education.
Truth is these programs are actually proven to be effective in catching
the attention of teenage girls. In the same manner, these also make the
girls active. Not as stated that the kind of fitness program that
parents should search is the one that offers a kind of activity that
will be exclusive for girls. The purpose here is to meet the skill level
of the girls.

The one that heads the program should possess a
vast understanding of the needs of the girls. This is very applicable
especially when the program will not be within school. As a parent,
don’t think that this will be of so much effort. True, it will take a
good deal of effort, but just keep in mind that it is all worth it.

simply being conscious of your daughter’s enthusiasm for physical
fitness, you are already guiding your kid to be safe from the threats of
illnesses. You are also helping her to cope up with stresses. Of
course, through physical fitness, your daughter’s confidence is also
being developed through socializing with others.

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