5 Fruits That Will Help You Lose Weight

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The challenges of losing weight have been seen in this generation
more than in all the other generations that have gone past. Most of
today’s adults and children alike are living sedentary lifestyles. This
is just as bad for both, more so for children as they end up obese in
their childhood and suffering from childhood obesity related diseases,
such as diabetes. This used to be rare in children back in the day, but
cases of children with diabetes induced by obesity are fast on the rise.


and exercise are one of the keys that aid in weight loss as well as
leading a healthy eating lifestyle. One of the best things to have in
your diet, more so if you want to lose weight are fruits and vegetables.
This is because, in most cases, fruits and vegetables are packed with
loads of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential for the
good health of our bodies.

Not only do they do this, but do so
with very few calories. Most fruits also do not contain any fat,
cholesterol, and saturated fat. Should they contain any sodium, it is in
low quantities. Therefore, there won’t be any guilt trips after having,
say three apples in a row, as compared to having three chocolates in a
row. As delicious and comforting chocolate may be, it does more harm
than good most of the times, as compared to fruit. So what are these
fruits that aid in weight loss?

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  • Banana: Facts on the nutrition of bananas have
    shown, amongst many other things that they aid in weight loss as well as
    building muscle.
  • Strawberry: Strawberries have also been found to be great in
    helping with weight loss. Nutrition facts on strawberries reveal that
    they have the ability to improve your metabolism as well as keeping
    hunger pangs at bay by suppressing your appetite. This in turn means
    that your food will be digested faster and the need to snack on
    unhealthy, high calorie foods is lessened.
  • Orange: Oranges are yet another fruit that are helpful in
    losing weight. They are also cholesterol, fat and saturated fat free,
    low in calories but rich in essential nutrients.
  • Apple: It has been said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor
    away.” It is also true to say that “An apple a day will help you to
    lose weight!” Research has found that apples are also one of the fruits
    that are useful in helping one who wants to lose weight.
  • Guava: Guavas have also been found to assist in weight loss.
    This is, like the other fruits mentioned here, due to their make-up.
    They are low-calorie but nutrient loaded foods. So you get more from

So go ahead and indulge yourself in something healthy and lose that weight! It’s achievable.

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