Gain Weight and Muscle to Really Bulk Up

If you’re looking to gain weight and muscle, you’ve come to the
right place. Just wanting a stronger all-around body, for football for
example, sometimes just takes adding a substantial amount of extra
girth! Perhaps you’re just TOO THIN, and want a little more “meat on
your bones.” Although adding solid, lean muscle can be difficult,
packing on extra poundage is really quite simple.

Gain Weight

First, you need to establish that you DO actually want to gain weight and muscle.
Understand that any weight added that’s not muscle is basically body fat. Although
body fat will increase your overall weight and size, it will also hide
muscle beneath it, giving you a softer, undefined appearance. Perhaps
you’re not looking for that “Hollywood look” anyway. But since muscle is
heavier than fat, you are still better off to concentrate on building
at least SOME solid muscle, even if it is covered with some body fat.
Now we will get into the “nuts and bolts” of how to gain weight and
muscle, if you’re certain that is what you want!

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