Get Fit for Less: Choose Cheap Exercise Bikes

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Many of us work hard at a getting fit and on having a healthier
lifestyle. But can you do training exercises with lesser cost? How about
getting fit with cheap exercise bikes, will they be worth it?

Exercise Bikes

for cheap exercise bikes may be a complete waste or a great deal
depending on your purchase. If you buy a bike yet it doesn’t work for
your needs then it will surely be a waste of your hard earned money
whatever its cost is.

So why are you buying a bike in the first place? Your reasons may probably fall into any of these:

• Lose weight

• Get fit

• Tone your lower body

• Recover from an injury through physical therapy

One of the
best things to do when looking for bikes is to read exercise bike
reviews and research to help you find cheap ones that will meet your
requirements and budget. You may find bikes which are thoroughly cheap
but are too shoddy or boringly basic to last for several use and help
you achieve your goals.

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You can find a great number of cheap ones
online. There’s the Keiser bike, Schwinn airdyne bike or the Schwinn a10
upright bikes which will best suit your fitness needs. There are many
types of bikes and the most commonly bought are the upright and the
recumbent exercise bike. You can find many cheap upright exercise bikes
as they the traditional ones and resembles a normal bike. Using upright
bikes gives you the option of standing up while exercising compared with
recumbent exercise bike. For some this makes for more intensity in a

On the other hand, recumbent exercise bikes are known for
being more comfortable than the upright ones. When you read recumbent
bike reviews, you will be surprised to know that are many cheap bikes of
this kind such as the Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike. Recumbent
exercise bike are usually positioned to recline the rider and keep him
relaxed. This is actually a great option for people who do not have good
posture or in recovering from an injury for its overall comfort and

When you opt for cheaper ones, see if there is a heart rate
monitor that comes with the bike. It is always better to buy the ones
with a built in monitor as they would be more in-sync and provide you a
better workout. These come normally with newer models but older models
may not have it so better check first.

In terms of resistance,
these bikes may offer the use of tension belt. More expensive ones use
magnetic resistance as for a smoother and more durable ride. Tension
belts may break when your bike become overused or old.

Cheap is
actually objective, what might be cheap for you may be expensive for
other people. You can use the term “budget” for bikes less than 200
dollars, and it may also be possible find bikes for 75 dollars but
you’ll think it will not be worth it as they look real cheap and feel
cheap. So before you think and consider your purchase to be “cheap” be
sure to check out the features, read reviews and know what comes with
your purchase before you jump into the sale.

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