How to Bulk Up Your Chest and Arms Fast

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The chest and arms are the most prominent part of your body, they
are the show muscle that everyone sees. Even if you are wearing a
normal shirt people will be able to see these muscles. This is why so
many people want to bulk these muscles up, as they know people will
notice them. The only problem is how can you successfully do this
effectively and fast? This article will show you how to bulk up your
arms and chest quickly.


To get your arms and chest to bulk up in
size you must train them with weights and bodyweight exercises. There
are a few exercises that are the most effective at packing on muscle
mass fast:

The best exercise for overall chest
development is dips. Most people would think the bench press is the
best, however this activates the triceps and front shoulders too much
and lacks the stimulation of the chest. If you really want to bulk up
your whole chest perform dips, with a few tweaks.

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Increase the
grip width to just over 30 inches, this will activate the chest more and
less so the triceps. Keep you elbows out and dip all the way down till
you feel a stretch in your pecs. Push all the way up, while squeezing
your chest muscles.

Your arms are made up of your biceps and triceps. It is vital you build these up so they are balance for the best looking arms.

your biceps the best exercise is body drag curls. These are like bicep
curls, but they stop the unwanted activation of the front shoulders, and
completely focus on the belly of the biceps. Take a barbell and grip it
shoulder width apart. Drag the bar up the front of your body as you
contract your biceps. Pull it all the way up to your chest until your
biceps are fully contracted. Slowly lower it and fight the resistance.

your triceps perform tricep cable push downs. Hold the cable bar with
an under hand grip, this will target the big outside muscle of the
tricep more. Stand with your core tight and you elbow in and next to
your body. Push the weight down, dont allow you elbows to move or your
body to bend forward, keep the tension on the triceps the whole time.
Again slowly bring the weight back up and fight the resistance.

these exercises with heavy weight and 8-12 reps. Do up to 5 sets of
each exercise and you will have an amazing pump. Combine this training
with a bulking up diet for insane muscle gains in the shortest time possible.

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