How to Lose Tummy Fat – Guide to Reduce That Belly!

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Losing weight is one of the most challenging things we can
accomplish. It’s such a wide obstacle that there have been so many
miracle products that promise to rid that unwanted belly fat for good,
with insignificant success. While you have the option in opting for
those traditional methods to lose weight, here you’ll learn of a guide
for how to lose tummy fat.

How to Lose Tummy Fat

Belly fat, usually called adipose fat,
is the fat just under your tummy that is very hard to get rid of. Most
people spend months trying new techniques to lose that tummy fat. A good
way to lose that abdominal weight is restrict your calories. Try not to
eat more than ten times your weight in kilo calories per day. So if you
weight 200 pounds try not to eat more than 2400 calories per day. With
this technique you are forcing your body to burn away more calories than
you are taking in.

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Another awesome method that works for many
people is to instead of eating 3 larger portion meals per day, it’s
better to eat six smaller portion meals throughout the day, as this
forces your metabolism to work extra hard during the same amount of time
(24 hours in a day) and helps you burn more fat. How does this work?
When you eat larger portions, your body goes into a ‘recovery phase’ and
slows down your metabolism. While a smaller portion meal will force
your body to stay in ‘active phase’ meaning your body is consistently
burning calories the whole day. Many people have discovered this method
as calorie shifting, it works for many people.

A good
implementation for how to lose tummy fat can be adding an exercise
routine for about 15 minutes per day, eating smaller portions of meals
and increasing the amount of meals per day, and set a certain amount of
calories to be ingested on a daily basis. You can see improvement in the
way you look within 2 weeks, and should be well on your way to a new
you within 6 weeks.

Stay motivated and determined, as these are
two of the most important factors for people that are trying to lose
weight and get in shape.

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