How to Lose Weight & Build Muscle Quickly

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If you have tried to lose weight and build muscle in the past,
through a diet and exercise program that didn’t work quickly enough, to
keep you from getting discouraged and quitting, you should know there is
a better, more efficient way for you to meet your goals. You don’t have
to put a weight training program on hold while you lose weight; in
fact, you will achieve each of your goals more quickly if you work on
them simultaneously, but it is necessary to work out a certain way. It
is much easier to continue on a weight loss regimen, if the quick
results obtained make the hard work seem worth it.

How to Lose Weight

You should
start off by making sure that, the low calorie diet you choose contains
sufficient protein to fuel the muscle you want to build. Then, as you
start your weight loss, muscle building program, the muscle you
gradually add will use up more of your already restricted calories, than
would normally be used, if you were only fueling a standard aerobic
exercise program.

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Since you would be operating under a caloric
deficit, your body would then be forced to burn the fat you want to lose
as fuel, because the muscle you will have added, will require more
calories to maintain.

To implement this process, you should begin
your daily exercise program with some weight lifting. Divide your body
into upper and lower sections, and work them as hard as you can on
alternating days, so as to give each area at least the 24 hour rest it
needs to heal, before you work it again. It doesn’t matter which section
you choose to work first, as long as it is rested the next day, and you
follow your weight training with, at least, a half hour of the aerobic
exercise of your choice.

Beginning your exercise routine with
weight training is a good idea, because, you have a better chance of
doing the lifts correctly, if you are not already exhausted from your
aerobic activity, and you will burn off any sugar first, leaving your
fat as the next available fuel your body can use, as you complete the
aerobic portion of your exercise plan.

If you will continue, on a
daily basis, to do your weight training routine prior to your aerobic
workout, while following a high protein, low calorie diet, you should
begin adding muscle, and the fat will just seem to melt off.

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