How to Lose Weight Doing the Paleo Diet

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the Paleo Diet. Perhaps you haven’t.
Maybe you’re someone who’s grown tired of fighting a never-ending battle
of the bulge, a battle that you’re losing, and you’re looking for a new
way of healthy eating that will help you get in better shape. It could
even be that you’ve heard a lot of hullabaloo about eating Paleo foods
and simply want to learn more. Whatever your reason is for coming here,
we’re here to help you determine if the Paleo Diet is right for you.

How to Lose Weight

diet takes its name from the Paleolithic period of history, which
lasted for approximately 2.5 million years and ended around 10,000 years
ago. The Paleo Diet has also been called Neanderthin, the Stone Age
diet, the caveman diet, and the hunter-gatherer diet.

In simple
terms, the Paleo Diet is one that is based on consuming the foods that
our hunter-gatherer ancestors supposedly ate-things like fish, grass-fed
meats, fruits and vegetables, and nuts and roots. It does NOT include
grains, refined sugars, salt, or processed oil. There is also some
debate as to whether or not dairy products (milk, cheese, butter,
yogurt) should be consumed. In a nutshell, the diet is high in protein
and low in carbohydrates.

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So are you wondering what you can eat on
the Paleo Diet? Specifically, you can eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables
and berries, fruits and nuts, and dairy-depending on whether or not you
are lactose-intolerant. You can NOT eat grains (barley, wheat, rice,
etc.) and corn, starchy vegetables like potatoes and yams, refined
sugar, legumes (beans, peanuts, cashews, soy products, etc.), and
chemical food additives. If you must use salt, do it in moderation. The
same goes for processed foods and artificial sweeteners like aspartame
and the like. Think about it this way, basically you can eat anything
that our ancestors could catch with a spear or pick from a tree or bush.

eating a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and
processed foods, your body will turn to burning fat for energy. This is
because it will no longer rely on sugars, starches, and complex
carbohydrates for energy. This means that after your body uses the
energy in the foods you’ve consumed, it will then use the stored fat in
your body for energy-hence the subsequent weight loss that comes with
eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, such as the Paleo Diet.

summary, eating a high protein low carbohydrate diet like the Paleo
Diet, or even adopting it as a lifestyle rather than a diet, will allow
your body will become better at burning fat and help you shed your
excess weight easily.

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