Intermittent Exercise – An Ideal Home Exercise To Stay Fit And Healthy

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Doing intermittent exercise can bring health benefits comparable
to a continuous workout. A body mass index (BMI) in excess of 25 carries
a significant health risk. Under this category, more than half of
adults in the US are overweight. To overcome obesity, lifestyle changes
are often recommended, including exercise on a regular basis. But not
many will follow the regimes diligently and soon would regain weight
after some time.


Carrying out physical activities intermittently
is favored among those who do not have much time to spare. It has been
proven that exercises in short bouts combined with a proper diet has
been effective for weight loss and adherence to the regime. It has also
been found that when exercise equipments are made available, the
tendency to make use of them is higher due to the easy accessibility.

be effective, physical activities has to be carried out for a minimum
of 150 minutes accumulated over a period of one week. When this is
practiced regularly, improvements in health would be seen. Studies have
shown that intermittent exercise regimes do provide health benefits such
as weight loss.

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A study compared the effectiveness of doing 30
minute exercises in variations, that is a continuous workout for 30
minutes; two sessions of 15 minutes each and three sessions of 10
minutes each. The participants went through similar exercise programs
and were evaluated in terms of aerobic capacity, body composition and
metabolic fitness. The results showed similar benefits in all groups in
terms oh aerobic fitness and weight loss. This showed that doing
exercise in one long bout or in several short sessions are equally
effective and will bring similar benefits.

One of the ways to do
intermittent exercise is to exercise right at home. This would be an
ideal option for those considering to lose weight and finding it hard to
find the time for longer durations of exercise. There are a number of
simple exercises that you can do at home such as stair climbing, couch
exercises and laundry lifting. To do crunch exercises, you do not need
to go to the gym or expensive membership clubs. Simple workouts can
produce those six-pack abs that you have always wanted. Dancing at home
can burn a lot of fat and also fun to do. Get a dance dvd and enjoy the
music you like and burn those extra calories away.

intermittent exercises has been found to be an effective option and may
be considered for long term strategies towards achieving an ideal body
weight, metabolic fitness and a healthy life.

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