Mouthwatering Slow Cooker Recipes

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Slow cooker or crock pot is an appliance used for cooking meals
in low temperature. There are lots of slow cooker recipes that can be
done by moms at home or chefs in restaurants. The most common and
favorite recipe that everybody loves is the roast beef. It can be cooked
in an oven but putting it in a slow cooker will bring out a more
flavorful taste.

Slow Cooker Recipes

There are other slow cooker recipes that anyone
can try. They are available everywhere. Even a chicken stew recipe can
already be done in slow cooker. It is very easy to do and requires only a
few ingredients. The result is a mouthwatering and healthy dish. The
whole family will surely enjoy the meal.

The main ingredient is a
skinless and boneless chicken meat. The breast part is the best to stew.
Red potatoes are also needed to add flavors. You could add up your
favorite seasonings. Spice it up a bit if the guests like it a little

First, heat the oil in a skillet in medium high heat. Saute
garlic and chicken until it turns light brown. Add the chicken. After
that, put the remaining ingredients, like water, potatoes, apple and
other seasonings, in the slow cooker. Mix all the ingredients together
for the flavors to blend well. Remember to use the low setting
temperature only. This recipe is simmered in 6 to 8 hours.

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recommended recipe is corned beef. It tastes better than the commercial
variety you see in cans. Beef is normally tenderized in pressure
cookers, but try it with a slow cooker this time and taste the big

The procedure will take more than 24 hours but the
taste is well worth the time you put in to do it. It will take from 7 to
8 days to be able to complete your own homemade version. But despite
the waiting these long, you and your family will surely be satisfied of
the taste of your homemade corned beef.

There are many ways to
cook it but here is one common procedure used. The main ingredients are
the fresh beef brisket and corned beef. You could improvise and alter to
your liking. Some will add potatoes and tomatoes also. Others will be
heavy on pepper while some would prefer it mild only.

It is better
to start doing your homemade corned beef early in the morning so that
it can be served dinner time on your weekends. Mix together water,
mustard, salt, sugar, spices and garlic. Put it in a stock pot over high
heat. Bring it to a boil then let it cool. Trim the corned beef
afterward then pour the mixture or broth. Transfer the mixture to a
large bowl making sure the beef is submerged fully.

Add water if
necessary to fully immerse the beef. Cover it well then put in the
refrigerator for a few days. Turn the beef and stir the solution once in
a while to make sure the beef absorbs the flavors.

Leave it for
about three days. Afterward, place the beef in slow burner and mix the
remaining ingredients except the vegetables. Cook for 2.5 to 3 hours.
Next, add the vegetables. Medium heat can cook the vegetable for at most
3 hours. The result is a very tender and flavorful beef that is simply
incomparable to the commercial variety.

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