Nutrition and Metabolism – What a Nutritionist Knows That You Don’t

Metabolism is the sole purpose of exercise and diet. All our work-out strategies and diet plans revolve around enhancing our body’s metabolic rate. Most people believe that the only way to increase the body’s metabolic rate is to have more physical exercise. While it is true that anaerobic exercise which increases the muscle mass tends to improve the body’s resting metabolism, in order to fully enable it, we must control the nutrition fed into our body.

Ask any nutritionist the role played by the various nutrients in our diet and he would explain to you the biochemistry involved in the digestive breakdown process. After we consume food, our stomachs slowly breakdown the various components available in the food through means of the gastric juices. These juices consist of various enzymes which help in the digestive process. Hence, if we consume those kinds of food that are easier to breakdown by the gastric juices, then our digestive processes would be faster and more effective. This leads to an improved metabolic rate. In this way, we can slowly enhance our body’s resting metabolism.

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