Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups – The Secret to a Rock Hard Body

Do you really want that rock hard body that so many of us covet?
Do you want to walk along the beach and have people staring? Then why
don’t you start doing pull-ups and chin-ups? They don’t require
expensive machines and they can give you just as much benefit. Another
great thing about pull-ups and chin-ups is that it uses your own body
weight to give you results. Pull-ups work more of the back, whereas
chin-ups focus more on the arms. So you can get a really good workout
just from this simple and easily forgotten exercise.

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Pull-ups tend
to be a little harder for people. Once mastered however, it can provide
an intense workout that very few workouts can. The key is to make each
rep nice and slow. Make sure you keep good form in order to gain maximum
benefit from the workout. Some people out there aren’t able to do
pull-ups, or at least very few. If this is the case don’t give up. The
benefits of pull-ups and chin-ups are worth the extra effort.

little tip that will help you gain the benefits of a pull-up or chin-up
and yet lightens the load. Put one of your feet up on a chair and pull
the chair as far away from you as you can without making the pull-up or
chin-up to difficult to do. The chair technique is a great way to help
you to build up to doing a pull-up or chin-up without any assistance.
With that technique, in no time will you be doing pull-ups and chin-ups
like a pro.

One of the best if not the best pull-up bar on the
market in my honest opinion is the Iron Gym. It provides a solid bar
that is very versatile and yet very mobile. You can move it from one
door frame to the next. The best pull-up bar money can buy in my

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