Significance of High Protein Low Fat Foods for a Healthy Diet

Are high protein low fat foods effective in weight loss? Why are
those foods important and what are examples of such food? High protein
low fat foods can be considered as recommended inclusion to a balanced
diet. It is a well-known fact that protein helps in muscle building and
accelerates metabolism, thus scorching extra pounds from your body.
Protein is known as the body’s building block and every part of our body
like muscles, nerves, bones and tissues are made up of protein.
Essential amino acids are also crucial in repairing damaged tissue from
surgery or trauma.

High Protein

On the other hand, when we talk about fat’s
importance in our body, it is the energy which is required from fat
stored coming from foods. There are specific vitamins that need fat for
the body to absorb such as Vitamin A, D, E and K. Besides that, fat also
protects our body from extreme temperatures and helps food stay longer
inside our stomach. However, a lot of people are confused on the idea of
including fat in their diet plan. Fat has been famously associated with
heart diseases and weight gain. To clear this up, people should learn
about the different classification of fat. There are actually two types
of fat – the good and the bad. Good fat includes monounsaturated,
polyunsaturated and non-saturated while the bad ones are transaturated
and saturated fat which is mainly the culprit of cardiovascular

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