The 3 Best Bicep Workouts Exercises You Can Perform

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It is not secret that the biceps are the most sought out muscle
group in the body. Every body who is working out is most likely looking
to build himself a nice pair of biceps. Look around you and you are more
likely to see people curling bars then performing any other move. Every
one is looking for the best bicep workouts they can get there hands on.
There are tons of exercises out there and each one works of course
depending on who is using them. Here are the best methods that you can
use to workout your biceps.

Bicep Workouts

You should know that nothing is going
to hit your biceps directly and as effectively as a basic curling
motion. That is the only motion that hits the biceps directly. Other
moves work the biceps indirectly such as back workouts. Like barbell
rows etc. but all bicep moves are almost the same. Also note that you
should train your triceps as well to have well balanced arm development.
Also if you are going to build any decent size in your arms is going to
be because of the triceps and not your biceps. And this is because
triceps make about 3/3 of the mass of your arms. So now that is out of
the way here are the workouts I recommend.

The first move that can
really work your biceps up is the preacher curls. The preacher curl is a
perfect move and is the best choice for building peak in your biceps.
The preacher curl should be in your bicep workouts.

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The reason why
the preacher curl is so effective is due to the preacher bench. The
preacher bench totally immobilizes your shoulder muscle from interfering
with this arms exercise. This places all the stress on your biceps. And
this what your bicep really needs if you ever want it to truly grow.

all bicep workouts the best choice for building bicep size is the
standing barbell curl. The standing barbell curl is a core movement
which means it affects several muscles at once. Out of all bicep
movements the standing curls can increase your natural Growth Hormone
levels. This growth hormone is the key for your bicep growth. Without it
you simply will not grow. This movement is also great because you can
curl the heaviest weights with this move thus getting the most growth.
So make sure to always perform this biceps move. It is a guaranteed
bicep builder.

The best thing you can do for your bicep workouts is
to perform compound movements. Compound movements that do not directly
work your biceps. These include exercise like the squat and heavy
dumbbell rows. That may sound strange but in reality it is scientific
fact that these compounds movements can spur muscle growth all over your
body-including your arms. Performing moves like heavy squats and heavy
dead lifts releases a massive surge of growth hormone. Doing these moves
actually forces the entire body to grow. Combining that with focused
bicep moves will do nothing but give you biceps that you could only have
dreamed of.

That is why the best bicep workouts are those that not
only target your biceps directly in an individual workout but those
that also train the entire body. This is guaranteed way of growth. For
your body and especially for your biceps.

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