Top 5 Worst Foods You Can Eat That People Think Are Healthy

 1- Fermented Cheese

Fermented, or ripened cheese is one of the most toxic foods known to man. The smallest quantity has a catastrophic effect on the system. It disturbs digestion and makes everything ferment in the digestive tract, so foods eaten don’t benefit the body. According to Albert Mosséri, a European natural hygienist and researcher, fermented cheeses can create or exacerbate the following conditions: infection, fever, headaches, nausea, cold sensitivity, bad stools, bad digestion. Fermented (or ripened) cheese includes many French cheeses such as: camembert, roquefort, parmesan, blue cheese, aged goat cheese, brie, etc. Fresh or cooked cheese, aren’t as bad, but are not recommended either. Their consumption leads to other problems. So in conclusion, no cheese is recommended for health,
but fermented cheese should be avoided like poison.

2- Fish and Seafood

Fish is getting a good reputation these days. We are told to eat
fish due to its richness in omega 3 oils. That is too bad, because fish and seafood
are some of the worst foods we can eat.

Fish has a tendency to putrefy much faster than meat – perhaps because it contains
more protein. If you put a piece of meat and a piece of fish next to each other in the
open air, you’ll see that fish will go bad much faster. In our digestive tract, heat and
humidity encourage this putrefaction. The poisons then created from the
putrefaction of flesh foods, particularly fish, are dangerous to the system.

On top of that, there is absolutely no safe fish on this planet anymore. They are all
more or less contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury, whose effects on the
human body are extremely detrimental and difficult to deal with. We know that 40
tons of mercury are released into the US by power plants using coal combustion.
The mercury contained in coal moves through the air, finds its way into the water
and then accumulates in the flesh of fish that live in it. For that reason, there is no
safe fish anymore. Just one serving can contain enough mercury or other heavy
metal to contaminate a person. For all of those reasons, I would recommend
avoiding fish like your life depended on it. Is seafood any better? It’s actually worst.
Animals such as lobsters, oysters, etc., are literally filters of the ocean. A large
quantity of water goes through them which makes them some of the most
contaminated “foods” on this planet.

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