Top 5 Worst Foods You Can Eat That People Think Are Healthy

3- Spicy Food

Spicy food is any food where strong (or mild) spices has been added
to it. Spices include: black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger, chili
peppers, raw garlic, raw onion, etc, and all the foods that contain them: kimchee,
hot sauces, Tabasco, etc. The consumption of spices is extremely detrimental to
health. They irritate the entire digestive tract, create mucus (that the body produces
to protect itself), and wreck digestion. Spices were first used as medicines, out of
superstition, and then in food. People became quickly addicted to the stimulation
they provide and found themselves progressively unable to enjoy food in its natural
state. The worst food you can eat is spicy food, such as Indian, Thai, Mexican, etc.
In someone not used to it, it will cause diarrhea. The person that is used to it has
undergone a process of morbid adaptation, where the protecting itself from the
harsh spices by hardening its surfaces. This protects against the harmful effect of
spices to some extent, but at the same time it greatly diminishes assimilation, no
the food eaten doesn’t benefit the body very much. Children and anyone with
normal instincts refuse spicy foods. Personally, I refuse to eat spicy food, whether
the spices are in a raw dish or a cooked one.

4- Coffee, Black Chocolate and Cacao

First premise: coffee, chocolate and cacao
(raw or cooked) are stimulants. They contain certain substances (caffeine and
theobromine) that disturb the nervous system. If a person is eating a more natural
diet, these poisons have an even more disturbing effect on the system. For a raw-
foodist, one cup of coffee has the effect of maybe four cups for someone eating a
standard American diet. Personally, half a cup of coffee taken in the morning will
disturb my sleep at night, while my dad can drink a cup in the evening and still fall
asleep. However, as Shelton wrote: “toleration to poisons is merely a slow method of
dying. Instead of seeing in the phenomena of toleration something to be sought
after, it is something to seek to avoid the necessity for.” A detoxified person is
much like a child: she will strongly react to the smallest dose of any intoxicant.

So there is no room for compromise with caffeinated drinks and cacao products,
which include: coffee, hot chocolate, black chocolate, raw cacao beans, black tea,
green tea, maté tea, etc.

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