Top 5 Worst Foods You Can Eat That People Think Are Healthy

5- Wine, and alcohol

According to toxicology (the branch of pharmacology that
deals with the nature and effects and treatments of poisons), alcohol is classified as
a protoplasmic poison, because it is poisoning to both plants and animals – from
the smallest microbe to the most complex animal. Alcohol kills microbes but also
kills the cells of a complex organism, such as the human being. It is an intoxicant
that ruins millions of lives and kills people by the thousand each day, directly or

Unfortunately, it has become a social habit in many parts of the world to intoxicate
oneself with alcohol. This poison habit is so prevalent and is such an intricate part
of our lives that is now considered abnormal to abstain from this popular intoxicant.
Most health professionals are aware of the ill effects of alcohol, but few will
recommend to give it up completely. They will talk about “moderation.” “Drink, they
will say, but be moderate.” How can someone be moderate with such an unhealthy
and addictive product? To my understanding, moderation is only valid for the
healthy factors of life, not unhealthy one. For example, no doctor will tell you, “be
moderate in smoking,” although that is what they used to say. Can we be moderate
with cocaine too?

Now, my readers should understand that when someone eats a healthy diet, alcohol
has an even more disastrous effect on the body. That is because the body has
stopped protecting itself from the various poisons found in a modern diet, because
it is no longer or less in contact with them. Just like a child who has never taken
alcohol will strongly react to it when drinking it for the first time. So my dear
readers, even that little glass of wine has a catastrophic effect on the system. And
when drunk with a meal, it makes everything ferment in the digestive tract. No if
you cannot resist that glass of wine, only have a little and on an empty stomach
only, not with a meal.

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