Women – Get Hot With These 4 High Intensity Kettlebell Workouts

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For the following 4 workouts, we’re going to stick to good, old
fashioned interval training. Interval training is where you perform a
movement for a high intensity level for a given time frame, followed by a
short period of rest.

Kettlebell Workouts

For each exercise below, perform the
movement for 90 seconds straight through, followed by 90 seconds rest.
You will probably need to rest within the 90 second period.

example, if you’re doing Kettlebell swings and you get tired after 30
seconds, then take a few breaths, and keep going. Try you hardest to
keep moving for the entire 90 seconds.

Then, take a complete 90
second break. Drop the Kettlebell on the floor (because even holding it
will work your lats and forearms). Pace around if you wish, but try and
catch your breath.

After this sequence, move on to the next
exercise. You will do 4 exercises per workout. This will last 12
minutes. And you’re done! That’s all you need. Here are the movements
you will use:

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Workout #1:

  • 1 Arm Overhead Squat (Alternate Hands every 5 repetitions)
  • 1 Arm Military Press (Switch Hands every 5 repetitions)
  • Windmill (Alternate Hands every 5 repetitions)
  • 2 Arm Burpees KB Clean (Hold two Kettlebells, perform a burpee, but instead of jumping, clean the Kettlebells on your way up).

Workout #2:

  • 1 Arm Row (Switch Hands every 10 repetitions)
  • 1 Arm Swings (Alternate Hands every 10 repetitions)
  • 1 Arm KB Front Squat (Switch Hands every 10 repetitions)
  • Around the World (Alternate Direction every 10 turns)

Workout #3:

  • KB Snatch + Overhead Squat (Switch Hands every 3 repetitions)
  • Burpee, KB Clean, 2 Arm Press
  • Turkish Get Up (Switch Hands every 3 repetitions)
  • 2 Arm Front Squat 

Workout #4

  • 2 Arm Snatch
  • 2 Arm Row
  • Windmill (Alternate hands every 5 repetitions)
  • Around the World (Switch Direction every 10 turns)

NOTE: This is an extremely brutal program (especially workout
#3). If you can’t handle this, then might want to start off with some
simpler workouts to build yourself up.

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