Working Out Efficiently With Interval Training For Fat Loss

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The elimination of unwanted fats cannot be done with a blink of
an eye nor it is possible overnight. Losing weight is possible but for
you to achieve this goal you need to have the proper investments – time,
diet and exercises.

Interval Training

Having the right amount of time allows one to
ponder on what is the best way to be in shape and to stay fit. With
this, one can also go through all the researches and readings of the
best means of getting rid of fats. Also being able to give time to do
exercises and incorporating the needed vitamins and nutrients in one’s
diet is a huge help.

On diet, one has to have a balance meal.
Healthy eating means one should incorporate at least one food from the
known food groups in his daily meal plans. A healthy diet helps improve
and maintain an individual’s general health.

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Exercises on the
other hand are very effective approaches of getting the body into shape.
When you say exercise though, it is not just about how many hours you
spend on the elliptical machine or how your trainer told you, that you
were doing great on the treadmill in your workouts. It is also about
wisely spending your training hours and getting a good gain out of the
time and effort you have invested in it. Interval training for fat loss
is just the answer to all of these.

There are a lot of different
intervals training protocols in shedding those extra pounds you have. In
a recent study, it was known that a protocol with a shorter rest period
or activity proves to burn fat three times faster. This was based on
the comparison of the 24 seconds effort plus 36 seconds rest versus 6
seconds of effort and 9 seconds of rest. Not much difference seen in the
study’s parameters and both were on a 40-minute workout plus the speeds
of both are also on the same level in the treadmill.

So, what
made the difference? The difference is the exercise program one goes
through. It should be a program wherein the myoglobin has enough time to
replenish its supply of oxygen. Myoglobin is a protein that stores up
oxygen and is found in muscle cells. Protein is depleted in workouts,
oxygen reserves are then replenished when it happens but when prevented
from doing so, it then uses, as a fuel, its carbohydrate supply. To lose
some pounds the body must burn fats and not carbohydrates. That is why
it more logical to use a lower activity-to-rest ratio.

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